And you must know, 12 Virginia Beach city employees were shot dead at work on May 31st by a co-worker in a horrific and brutal attack while they finished the work-week at building Two in the City Services area of city government.  Laura Smith’s son, Stanley, locked himself in his office as the lone gunman roamed the nearby halls shooting innocent people at their workstations. Stanley is emotionally shaken but unharmed physically by the carnage. Thank you all who prayed!  

In addition, one of the lady’s killed was a good friend of Stanley’s and a former soccer mom of Mindy Eddy’s. Lastly, the contractor who was killed used to belong to our church years ago and was known by another church member, Crystal Sawyer. Our connection to this event runs deeper than we knew.

As time goes on, we will probably learn of many acts of heroism by some that saved the lives of others during the gunman’s rampage through his own work building. The police and medical teams certainly are heroes for what they did. 

We can only imagine the shock, grief and anger those families are dealing with now. Who would not feel the same? It’s time for Hampton Roads to surround those families with as much love, prayer and support as we can. 

We will take a moment to remember these twelve people in our Communion Service tomorrow when we also remember the One Who gave His life in our place that we all may live eternally. Thank God we are ready to enter eternity because of our total faith in Jesus to get us there. Thank God we still have time yet to help our families, friends,, neighbors and even popped around the world get ready for eternity through faith in Jesus! 

The Prakash family will be with us tomorrow to remind of the five billion people who cannot make it to heaven unless we help send them and others like them. 
We will also take a special offering for the families of the fallen victims. 

Life is fragile. Life can be short. Only in Jesus can we find the path to peace, hope, joy and eternal safety for us and for others. 

Give thanks for that and let’s recommit ourselves to sharing the Good News of Jesus so others can find what we have, too, in Jesus.

Love to all,
Pastor Bob Fox


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All of you donation will go to the families of the 12 victims.