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Personal Testimony of Joan C. Cowan

I grew up going to church with my family. I did not have an earth- shattering experience when I accepted Jesus. My family moved several times when I was young. The first thing my parents did was to find a church near our home. We were involved in all the church...

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Norm Blackwell

As a child, I attended Advent Christian Church in my hometown of Princeton, WV. I always sat by my Pastor, Mr. Harvey. As I grew up, I no longer attended church. That pretty much stayed the same through my 20-year Naval Career. I have always believed in Christ, just...

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John Clark – Healing From Prostate Cancer

When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer my first response was shock. I thought: "Well, the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I have lived a long life and now it was coming to an end, as it would eventually anyway. How could this happen to me? After all, I took...

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Morrison Family

We would need many pages to write up how God has blessed us being part of ALF. The many mission-minded men and women of God at ALF we've had the  opportunity to interact with has solidly prepared us for our next journey into the mission field. The genuineness of...

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