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Robert J. Fox

Seventy years ago I was drafted into the Army. WWII was on, and 5 years after that, Korea came along! I was a candidate for both. I graduated from high school, but never got to college, thanks to being “drafted.”

For a few of my early years I was raised as a Catholic. Once a week I would attend mass. The priest would read a chapter from the Bible, elaborate on it for about 10-15 minutes, and that was it. This was the extent of my “Bible Training”—little if nothing. The next 23 years in the Army offered about the same. I never read the Bible and I am ashamed to admit it. At present I am trying to correct that thanks to my son and daughter-in-law—Revs Joe (Bob) and Beth Fox.

Joe married Beth and went into the Marine Corps as a jet fighter pilot. Five years later both attended Fuller Seminary in California. Two years ago they offered me an opportunity to move to Virginia Beach to live with them, which I accepted. I was living in the mountain area of Northern Virginia. Before I could sell my home I had to make expensive repairs. Many of these problems were beyond my reach physically and financially. Earlier I had received two books from Joe and Beth. Those books are titled Jesus Calling and Jesus Lives. There was something about these two books that “grabbed my attention.” For me, these two books were my introduction to the Bible.

As I said earlier, I had difficulties both physically and financially when trying to sell my home. Then one day all of my problems seemed to disappear, and they did! I had been reading the book Jesus Calling, with it’s topics about prayer, faith and trust. In the quiet of my room, and during a reading, I had a strange feeling come over me. This is most difficult to explain. I felt like I was having a talk with God! And I must admit, I was frightened. But all the things I was worried about were suddenly resolved. And before I knew it, I was living in Virginia Beach with my son and his wife. Not only that, but I attend church each week. This is a big difference in my life, and I do enjoy it! The faith, trust and love of the congregation of this church is a gift to me from God. I have difficulty in trying to find the proper words to say. “Thank you again” I say to God and to each member of this church—these words come from my heart. Let me close here by saying, “Welcome to Abundant Life!”

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