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Rick Minnich

Dear Sweet Jesus,


For this Easter, I want to attempt to put into words what you mean to me and how knowing you has changed my life. I ponder you often. You are amazing! It is not possible for the human mind to comprehend all the complexities of who you are.

You are God who became a man. You are the creator of all things both physical and spiritual. You have defined eternity and spoken it into existence. You have created life and defeated death. You transcend time. You see the beginning and the end. You are the power of the atom and of Adam. You are the Light of Life and the Light of the World. You are the E of E=MC2. You are above all! You know all, You see all, and You are always everywhere!

All of the aforementioned attributes and characteristics are awesome and establish you as the undisputed ruler of the universe. But, there is more! You are the very essence of love. Like everything else about You, your love is not of this world. It’s what the Greeks call agape. It’s the love that only The Creator of the Universe can have for the jewel of His creation-the human race.

Your word says that You created us for your own good pleasure; for fellowship with You and to worship You and for us to love you as much as You love us. That’s a tall order when, after all, You created us with a free will to reason and make our own choices. It would have been easy for You to create a race of mindless drones to do your bidding. It’s another thing entirely to win over a free will individual.

This is what it’s all about; Your grand strategy: A plan to persuade all humans on earth to accept you as God and to join Your Kingdom. As your word says, “If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” So, You had to come to earth and become a man and dwell among us. You had to rescue us from our sins of bad choices. You had to become the Lamb of God and sacrifice yourself on the cross. Your spilt blood and suffering were more than enough to atone for the sins of mankind and free them from the bondage of condemnation and the second death.

I thank you, King Jesus, for suffering and dying on the cross for me.
Your great love for me and your personal invitation to me to rule and reign with You for eternity is what has won my love and my allegiance to You. You have created me with a destiny to become an heir of Your Kingdom, a Son of God and I have made my free will choice to do so. Now, your creation waits eagerly for others to make the same decision. As you have commanded, I am committed to help them to make that choice.

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