Local and around the world


Worship Ministry

“God has blessed our church with a gifted and godly Worship Team. Our worship
style is mainly contemporary along with frequent inclusion of hymns. Click
here for more information.


Children’s Ministries

here for more information.


Prayer Ministries

Laura Smith leads the Prayer Chain that alerts the church to
special and urgent prayer needs via email and text messages.


Women’s & Men’s Ministries

Both groups have monthly meetings for fellowship and training.
The men meet for breakfast and the women for brunch.

The women also have a monthly meeting on Thursday morning.
Pastor Bob & Beth host a weekly prayer meeting at their home on
Wednesday’s at 7:30 PM.


Healing Ministries

We have a long history of helping people find relief from emotional
and physical pain as we pray for each other.
Pastor Bob & Beth have a healing ministry called Listening Prayer
that helps set people free from lies they believe about themselves.
They regularly see dramatic positive changes in people from that
They also train people to minister healing to others. Our church
aims to imitate Jesus in healing the sick and delivering people
from demonic oppression if needed.


Hampton Roads Ministries

David’s Tent 757/TheBurn

For over a year now, this ministry has coordinated continuous
worship for 24-26 hours each month at a variety of locations with
worship leaders from many churches of Hampton Roads. Click
here for more information.


Partners Newsletter

Pastor Bob has published this free newsletter for the churches of
Hampton Roads for 25 years to connect churches to strategic
resources and news. Click here for more information


757.Church Website

Pastor Bob is creating this online directory of Christian resources
to serve all the people of Hampton Roads. It will be open for
business by the end of 2018. Click here to see the new online resource


Joy Ministries

We work with this 22 year-old evangelistic ministry that wind
thousands to the Lord, serves inner city you, single moms and
trafficked women in our region. Go here for more info.


The Bridge Network

We work with this network of about 100 local churches who
collaborate to help serve our local communities better. Go here for more info.


Re-Inspire Network

We work with this unique ministry that serves local pastors so they
can stay strong in ministry. Go here for more info.


International Student Christian Fellowship

We reach out to international students at Old dominion University
through this ministry led by Dr. Gopal & Daisy Kanan so they all
can have a chance to know Jesus. Click here to see a video
about this wonderful ministry.


Global Ministries

Debra of Asia

We support Debra in her 20+ years of work there planting
churches & serving the handicapped in Nepal


J&L  in Asia

They are bringing thousands to Jesus through radical love and
miracles in some of the darkest places in Asia.


The Prakash Family

Dr. Edith and Felix Prakash and their three children evangelize
thousands Asia and Africa each year and visit our church often
since they live locally. More here.

Dr. James Lee leads River of Life Ministries

He travels the world training indigenous leaders who to plant
churches. His meetings always include dramatic healings through
prayer. Pastor Bob serves on his board. More here.

Jesse & Rachel Digges

They are training Africans to evangelize the Muslim world in Africa. More here.