The 10 Month Training Schedule

Free, over 10 months, 2 hours per month, one hour personal coaching per month ( if wanted) 

Dr. Kim Jesse’s overview of the Leadership Training was clear and, hopefully, appealing to you. This is a rare opportunity to tune up and develop your God-given gifts and leadership ability. This training would help us even in our families. 

Go here to hear her 10 minute overview of the course.

The goal of the training to is to help you be the best leader you can be as any of the following:  a person, a spouse, a worker, a boss, a friend, a neighbor and a church leader. 

See the list of 10 two-hour sessions below in the attached picture. 
We are planning to do Session One in June or July on a Luncheon Sunday during the entire time we are together: Who God Created You to Be.

 This module takes you through two personal assessment tools to show you your spiritual gifts and personality strengths. We will have Dr. Kim do this special Training Sunday. Her training will be the sermon and during the luncheon we will complete the training.

I hope this whets your interest in taking more sessions. Kim says it is ideal for the group to take all the sessions together since there is a lot of group interaction during each two-hour session. 

Day or Evening Classes

She is willing to have a daytime class with at least three students. She will also offer it as an evening class.  Please tell Pastor Bob or Beth of your interest in this and what days or evenings would work for you to take the classes.

You can take just some of the classes and not all. There is a book recommended for each class. It is optional but recommended to read it to get more from each session. The class is built off the book. They are excellent books. If you need financial help buying them, please see Pastor Bob or Beth.

Let’s all consider this wonderful opportunity. Dr. Kim would like a class of about 10.  Preference will be given to current leaders in the church ( volunteer and staff) but all are welcome to apply. Even teens.