"Helping People Make It To Heaven By Bringing Heaven To Earth"

Caleb Thompson

“I was depression-dead and now I am alive because Nick Thornhill prayed for me at church.”

Doug Cook

“In 2013, I started praying for a church with great teaching and great worship. Two years later, I found both at ALF!” True story.”

Pops Fox

“The people in this church really impress me.”

Aaron Cook

“Abundant Life has helped me draw closer to the Father and realize the calling
He has on my life as a worshiper and leader in the Kingdom.”

Rick Layman

“I thank God for our church that came together in many ways to help in physical and spiritual support during the nine months of Allison’s illness.”

Beth Fox

“We prayed for a church to serve and God brought this most wonderful group of people into our lives in 2009.”

Morrison Family

“We would need many pages to write up how God has blessed us being part of

Pastor Bob Fox

“Thanks for checking out our website. It’s
my honor to serve as the Pastor here. Click below to learn more about me.”

What to Expect on Sunday

Our Worship Service

The greeters will treat you like family. You will feel like you are at a family reunion: lots of love, chatter and easy-going relationships.

About 20 minutes of worship songs with a blend of musical styles. No dress code. Most people dress casual; the pastor does. 🙂

Good, free coffee you can bring into the service. We pray for each other and for people around the world. The sermon is Bible-based and often with
testimonies or comments from the congregation.

The service runs from 10-11:45 AM. We gratefully remember the Lord in a Communion Service on the first Sunday of each month.

We have a lot of leaders: former missionaries, doctors, teachers, engineers, retired military, artists and business owners.

We love the mix of nationalities and languages that some members spoke. We welcome people with serious needs, struggling with any kind of sin who want help from God. This is a safe and healing place for wounded, weary people and a great place to test out your leadership and ministry gifts.

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For Children

Rhonda Cooley is our Director of Children’s Ministries that includes an active, fun and Bible-centered class for 6-13 year-olds that begins just before the sermon. Rhonda often teaches the Bible by organizing children’s Bible plays.

In the Pre-School Class, Debbie Caldwell trains 3-5 year-olds in simple Bible truths, with snacks. Children can go there for the entire service or just
during the sermon. Pre-schoolers are always escorted to the bathrooms. We encourage parents to care for their babies & toddlers, 0-2 in the service or with the Pre-School class. About once a month, the children make a presentation in the main service. We love children! We want more of them!


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For Youth

We have a few youth who now serve as ushers, audio-visual technicians and on the Worship Team during the service. When we have a few more youth, we will start a youth group that meets during the week.

For Adults

Adults serve as greeters, ushers, kitchen helpers, audio-visual workers and worship team members. We encourage all ages, especially adults to share during the service with testimonies, words they sense from the Lord or a scripture God impresses on them.

We have a wonderful Church Luncheon on the second Sunday of each month right after the service. We all bring food to share and always have plenty
of food for everyone, especially for our guests!  Please visit and stay for lunch!

What We Do


In Our Church

We Worship & Pray

This is the most important and powerful thing we do. Besides Sunday Morning Worship, we have weekly and bi-monthly meetings to encounter God in worship & prayer. Our Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting at the pastor’s home is open to all anytime. It meets from 7-8:30 PM. We pray currently praying for one another to be personally revivied and for corporat erevival in the church and community.

We Love Each Other Well

We love each other like a family. No one is left out. People are kind, trustworthy and generous. We really enjoy each other in our monthly Church Luncheons, holiday picnics, annual retreats and weekly small group meetings.

We Learn the Bible

God tells us Who He is and who we really are through God’s divine revelation in the Bible. The Bible feeds our souls and protects our minds. Biblical truth helps us mature as people and as Christians.

We Offer God’s Healing

We help people find freedom from sin through faith in Jesus, freedom from emotional pain, freedom from physical ailments and freedom from demonic
oppression. These are the main works of Jesus. We also train people in the healing ministries of Jesus.

We Support Global Missions

We passionately promote ministry to people in other nations who have not had a chance to know how to get to heaven. We pray, we give and we go to them. Many of our members are former missionaries!

We Spend Money Wisely

We invest in many ministries for our members as well as in regional and overseas ministries. Pastor Bob and the Elders administer church finances with the oversight of a Finance Board and a bookkeeper. Our books are open to review by members.

Our church is a Virginia non-profit corporation and all financial gifts to it are tax-deductible under federal IRS rules. We receipt all gifts to our donors annually with an itemized statement of their giving. Donations can be given online, by texting or by check or cash.

In Hampton Roads

David’s Tent 757/The Burn
God used us to launch and nurture this regional ministry of
continuous worship led by people from many churches and held in
many church locations. Each monthly meeting lasts from 24-40
hours or more.

Aaron Cook, our Worship Leader, leads this ministry.

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This is a free newsletter we send by email to many local Christians with
strategic news and resources. It has been published for over 25 years. It is
connected to bobfox.org, a blog that Pastor Bob writes for Christians.

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757.Church Regional Directory
Coming soon, this site will be a directory of Christian resources for
Hampton Roads with a planning calendar for major Christian events.

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Joy Ministries
We work with this 22 year-old evangelistic ministry that wind thousands to the
Lord, serves inner city you, single moms and trafficked women in our region.

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The Bridge Network
We work with this network of abut 100 local churches who collaborate to help
serve our local communities better.

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Re-Inspire Network
We work with this ministry that serves local pastors so they can stay strong in

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International Student Christian Fellowship
We reach out to international students at Old dominion University through this
ministry so they all can have a chance to know Jesus.

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In the World

We pray for the salvation of specific groups of people around the world
every Sunday morning before we take the Offering. Kim Jong Un, the President
of North Korea is or prayer target each first Sunday. We call on God to save
Muslims on the second Sunday each month. We pray for one of our supported
missionaries each Sunday. Our church has a lot of compassion for people globally
who do not yet know Jesus.
Going Overseas
Several of us have been full-time missionaries. Some are now headed
overseas to serve full-time. Others go on short-term mission trips.
We give very generously to world missions and support a variety of
amazing people serving people in difficult places such as Dr. Edith & Felix
Prakash, Dr. James Lee, Jesse & Rachel Digges, Rick Layman and two others
whose identities we have to keep secret to protect their ministries. Click here for
more details.