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Our Greatest Burden & Honor

Helping People Make It to Heaven!

Partnering With Jesus to Finish What He Started

To help people worldwide hear the Gospel and experience the power of Jesus!

Those who have never heard of Jesus or seen His power tug on our hearts the most!

J&L in Asia

This couple and their two small children live in Asia to makes Jesus famous by loving people in remote places who usually have never met a real follower of Jesus. Then they heal their sick and give words from God’s heart to people who are thrilled to know about a God Who knows them and wants to talk to them!

The Bible calls all that signs and wonders. They do a LOT of that! When that happens, people get crazy in love with Jesus like you see in the video above.

Thousands of people have come to know the love and power of Jesus because they are living and serving the Lord in Asia.  You can learn more about them at their ministry site here.

They grew up right here in Virginia Beach!  See what God can do with Hampton Roads kids!!!

Rick in India with Project Light Team

Rick Layman

Rick Layman is not only a longterm member of Abundant Life Fellowship but also a veteran missionary to the Far East, having served in Taiwan and China.  Early on, Rick married a beautiful Taiwanese lady from the Haka tribe named Allison. Together they founded a church in Taiwan and Rick mentored younger missionaries in the YWAM base there.  Tragically, Allison died a couple of years ago of a brain tumor after months of intense prayer for her by many. We really miss her joyful and humorous spirit!

Now God has called Rick to serve in India!  He will be using his extensive experience teaching English as a second language with Project Light materials that he has worked on for almost 20 years. Pastor Bob used to work for Rick years ago in that ministry.  Teaching English opens doors to many people in India who then can hear about the Savior of the world Who came to bring them home to heaven!

Rick already has a team of dedicated Christian leaders to work with who want to reach a neighboring tribe with the Gospel.  In many ways, God has opened a door of ministry for Rick that is miraculous.

Our church is happy to support Rick in this new season of international ministry to reach an unreached tribe with lots of native Indians to partner with in this new ministry.

You can reach Rick at this email address. 

Deborah of Asia! Mighty Woman of God

Deborah of Asia

Deborah also works in Asia, Nepal, to be exact, for about 20 years. He now leads a ministry for disabled people that rescues them from the streets, gives them a place to live, teaches them a trade and trains them to pray for their nation.  Think of the irony: those people are treated like trash by their society: worthless and despised.  So, God makes them into Houses of Prayer for Nepal!  Being who they are, they have so much time to pray! Brilliant!

Deborah does so much more and has for 30 years, like serving in the prisons of the Philippines for years before dedicating her life to Nepal.  Books will one day be written about her. Her stories are spell-binding and full of God’s miraculous deeds!  She is a true pioneer. One day, many in heaven will get there because of her!

If you think I am exaggerating about her, read this note from a well-known author.  Click here. 

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