Easter Sunday Planning & Church Membership Notes on March 13, 2018

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Easter Sunday Planning & Church Membership Notes on March 13, 2018

This Sunday’s Message: Jesus Our Passover Lamb
Read up on the history of the passover event  in Exodus 12 and the NT accounts of the Last Supper. This will help us all appreciate the annual remembrance of what some call Maundy Thursday ( The last Supper) and Good Friday, which are remembered next week, often called Holy Week.
Easter Play

The Lord popped a play into my head today for Easter Sunday.  It is a very short ( three minute) play. I need adult and child actors, some stage helpers, some props made, musical support, two camera operators ( for live streaming), video footage mixer person.  Training will be provided for all who need it.

If interested please contact me ASAP!  Tell me how you would  like to help based not he job needs above.
This will be fun and the congregation will love it!  Jesus will love it!
We may have guests one Easter!  Hope so. We need at least two adults dedicated to serving our guests in any way they need.  Let’s call this ministry Guest Services Ushers 🙂   Please let me know if you will do this!  I will provide training.  We also need some adult Ushers every Sunday to help the service run smoothly. Here is a short article about the importance and duties of ushers. I think it is time we developed this ministry position with several people serving on a rotating basis.
Obviously, everyone has difficult Sunday mornings that make us late to church. But please make a commitment to come to the service before 10 AM each week.  Our service is only 90 minutes now ( normally), not 120.  More importantly, this is our special time to honor and worship God as a church.  If we can be on time for work, we can be on time for church.  If we honor God with our time in worship, God will honor us by blessing the rest of our time.  Whatever you give to God, He gives back with interest. 
Also, I think we are sending the wrong message to our guests when they are there on time and the church members dribble in late during the service. Please come before 10 to meet and greet each other and our guests!
Thank you to all who do come to church before 10 AM!  Many do. The worship team ( musicians and A/V team) starts arriving at 8 AM, John Herring by 8:30 AM.  I get there with my dad usually just before 9 AM.
Follow Up
When guests come and accept the Lord, they will need to be followed up and discipled.  Although this has not happened yet, we need to be ready.  I can train you. Let me know if you are interested.
Thank you all for being a wonderful church!  You love each other well. I see this all the time in our small group prayer times and in our fellowship times—and when we support long-term illness in a member. Click here to see how we loved Allison Layman during nine months of sickness! I assume that is because you love the Lord well and his love for you overflows into your relationships. That’s how it works best!  We really are a Family!
Thank you for being students of the Bible!  I can tell that you are really interested in learning the scriptures well.  God’s word is a real lamp to our feet.  It feeds our souls. It protects us from evil.
Thank you for loving me and Beth so well. You make it easy to be your pastor. Thank you especially for praying for us. Spiritual warfare against every Christian leader is real and we are weak and needy in some ways just like everyone else.  The more you pray for us to follow the Lord well, the better we can serve you.
Love to all,
Pastor Bob & Beth
PS—I saw Sara yesterday when she was visiting Pops Fox and she looked and sounded so good!!
Your prayers are making a difference. Keep praying for full recovery!

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