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Dinah Thompson

I grew up in the church, a Presbyterian one at that, believed in God long as I can remember, and in Jesus, and tried to be a good girl.  By the time I reached my teens, I was tiring of being a good girl and started hanging out with girls that were a little wild.  However one of the wildest got saved and started to clean up her act.  I thought that was good for her since she was a little much.  I figured I was good enough to get to heaven.

One day an evangelistic team came to our little church and I heard the gospel in a way I’d never heard before, that my righteousness was filthy rags before the Lord.  I gave my life to Him at 15 years of age.  I had a fear of the dark since I was a little child and that was wiped away that night, along with my sins I didn’t even know I had.  From that moment, my growth in the Lord was reading “our Daily Bread” and trying to be good, but now it wasn’t to earn my salvation, rather to please my heavenly Daddy.

When I went off to college, my friends who were believers were concerned for me, going to Penn State University and urged me to get involved in a good Christian fellowship.

I did the first week of orientation, joining Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship and grew so much in the Lord during that time.  I developed a greater love for the Lord and His Word and got excited about sharing Jesus with others.  It became so natural.  There were so many opportunities to share with people as they pondered life and their role in it.  I didn’t realize how easy to was at that time and how distracted people would be when we got out into the work force.

My prayer life grew as well and I would get together with friends just to pray and/or worship.  I traveled with the Continental Singers and found the charismatic churches to be the most fun to perform in as they had so much life!  I started raising my hands in worship which was a big deal for this reserved Presbyterian girl and attended a Baptist church where I developed at interest in reading the Old Testament!  It was also during my senior year that I attended Urbana and met people from the Joshua Project and the Lord opened up my heart to missions, particularly to the unreached Muslims.

From there, I went to Oral Roberts University for medical school and got thrown in with a bunch of charismatics.  It was frightening for me at first, but our class chaplain, Michael Thompson, had shared his testimony and prayed for me.  Some time later during worship, the Lord blessed me with the gift of tongues.  It was wonderful learning to hear God.  The first time I felt He spoke to me, I was with Michael and He told me “Go home.”  So I did and He spoke to Michael about me while I was gone.

We moved to West Virginia when the medical school closed, got married, and had Jasmine.  We lost 2 kids after her- one halfway through the pregnancy, about 20 weeks, just a couple weeks after a normal US, and another at about 12 weeks.  At this point, I was scared to get pregnant again as it could end as the others did.

At the time, I was attending a wonderful women’s Bible Study where the moved in the gifts of the spirit, and one girl had the bright idea that a number of us who wanted to have babies should be prayed for that we could get pregnant.  I was hesitant to join the group as I knew I could get pregnant, just didn’t know if I could carry the baby to term.  Well, with urging from the other girls, I joined the group and one lady laid hands on me and said “a miscarrying womb is not of God.” and broke something over me.  After that, I was willing to try again and the result is Caleb!  And while I was pregnant with Caleb, Bob prayed for me and said, “It’s a boy.”

Michael and I have been blessed to go on many short term medical mission trips, much thanks to my mom who would take care of the kids.

Jonathan is also an interesting story.  I was happy with our girl and boy and gladly giving clothes away to any young mothers and one day when I was preparing another bag to give away, I started crying, and asked the Lord, “Oh no, are we not done?”  Michael came home that night and said, “Let’s have another baby.”  Jonathan was born within a year I believe, and the Lord gave us his name before we even knew his sex.

I have grown so much in the Lord and have been so blessed to learn to hear His voice more, stretched to lead worship on the piano playing by chords when I was trained in classical piano, and honored to be His healing hands to others, not just through medicine but even more, through the Spirit!  I have received the wonderful revelation that we can work out of a place of rest, out of our wonderful relationship with our Lord, rather than working to earn His approval.

I am so blessed and thankful for all I’ve learned through the wonderful saints in the Lord.  And there’s more to come!

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