About the Pastor

Bob Fox

God made me a pastor. It’s my strongest gift. He gives me His love for people–especially hurting, lost, wounded people–and especially people overseas who have yet to meet Him.  I am a pastor with a missionary heart. My greatest burden all my life has been for people who may not make it to heaven.  That’s why I am committed to serving the Church and people of China, in particular.

My childhood was traumatic. Meeting God as my Heavenly Father at age 8 saved me from self-destructing into angry, lustful, alcoholic man.  I know what it feels like to feel abandoned, rejected, hopeless, helpless and worthless.

I love adventure. God allowed me to fly jet planes for the Marines during the Vietnam War, to travel the world and to be a pastor. I look forward to the greatest adventures of my life with Jesus yet to come.

Healing America

America’s Healing DNA
-By Bob Fox

In the book, America’s Healing DNA, Bob goes back to the founding of the country to communicate how our society drifted away from pursuing holiness. Read his book and be part of the movement to restore America’s DNA back to its creator -The God of Jesus Christ!

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Our Elders

Michael Thompson

Michael carries the vision of our church with passion and joy.

Beth Fox

Beth has served with Bob for over 3o years in a variety of churches in Children’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, as Church Bookkeeper, Church Secretary, Bible Teacher and on the Church Board of several churches.  She also has a Masters in Theology. Beth has a wealth of wisdom, kindness and Biblical knowledge, in addition to be a well-known local artist in several mediums.

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Bob Fox

Pastor Bob for over 3o years in a variety of churches as pastor, worship leader and associate pastor. He heads our Board of Elders

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Marshall Worthington

Marshall oversees many things on Sunday mornings and has served our church for over 10 years in the A/V department. Marshall is also very active in serving widows and single women.  He is an avid member of a regional Jeep Club!

Joan Cowan

Joan excels in caring for people, especially when they are ill. She also heads up the kitchen crew on Church Luncheon Sundays.

Tom Payne

Tom has a big heart to help people here and around the world. He is one of our experts on automobile needs.