2017 Christmas Short Story Winner by Brian Rupert

///2017 Christmas Short Story Winner by Brian Rupert

2017 Christmas Short Story Winner by Brian Rupert

My name is Samuel. I’m a donkey.  I’m sure you never knew my name but I was there that day—-the day He was born.  Who is He?  Let me start from the beginning.

     My owner, Joseph, loaded me up for a trip to Bethlehem… but he had company.  A new person joined us: Mary.  She was pregnant so for most the trip she rode on my back as Joseph walked beside me.  As we took the journey, I heard the story of the signs and visits from God that were given to Mary and Joseph.  It was very exciting knowing that God’s Son was riding on my back!

     As we entered the city of Bethlehem, it was very busy and Mary was in labor.  All the inns were full!  The only place that would do was a stable.  In the stable, I was able to witness the birth of God’s Son, Jesus!

Being a donkey I really didn’t understand the true meaning of all this commotion: shepherds— all excited—and later three men from the East bringing gifts. And why did they follow this big star around for a few years?  It was kinda embarrassing having this star follow us around!  Believe me, I heard the jokes from the others.  They would say, “ Samuel is here somewhere. We see his star”.  As time went on, I witnessed how important that day really was.  I heard people say “He’s the Messiah,” but I didn’t know what that meant.

     Over time, I had a new owner and started my own family.  One day, a man came and untied my son.  My owner asked why he was taking him.  The man replied, “The Lord needs him.”

  Shortly after, I saw that same man—- the one who I witnessed being born— riding on my son!  I was a proud father that day.  I couldn’t contain myself and I told all the other animals about it.  They weren’t impressed.

     Shortly after that day, I noticed there was a lot of commotion concerning that man who rode my son: He was crucified!  But He didn’t stay dead; He rose again!  It is said that He had to die to take away the sins of the people. He bore them all!

     As I look back, I realize how important and privileged I was to be there at the Birth of Jesus.  I witnessed the birth of Jesus, God’s Son!  I saw how important He was from day one!

My name is Samuel—- the donkey that carried a King.

Written by:

Brian Rupert

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