2017 Christmas Short Story Entry by Jazzi-Joy Cooley

///2017 Christmas Short Story Entry by Jazzi-Joy Cooley

2017 Christmas Short Story Entry by Jazzi-Joy Cooley

“Any day”

The name is Don. Don Key that is. I’m here to tell you a very very special story. It all started with my mistress. Very nice young lady indeed! You may have heard of her, her name was Mary.

Now One day I was out in the fields not far from the house, and Mary was inside tending to some housework, sewing, all that stuff.

   Well I was eating some flowers that I figured Mary must have grown for me, and very good flowers mind you, you should try them sometime, when all of the sudden a bright light shone like the sun from Mary’s window. I galloped over to the window to see what was happening, and you wouldn’t believe!

   I saw a bright shining angel! It had a voice like thunder. All I heard was a lot of Bing – bang – boom, but Mary seemed to understand it, “that can’t be true” she replied. “I’m a virgin… “. And I was like, “what’s that got to do with anything!” And then more of the thunder came and Mary just shook her head in disbelief like someone told her her hair was green!

More thunder came. Then she spoke calmly. “I am ready to serve the Lord God in this way,” she said. Then just as fast as the angel came, the angel disappeared! Then Mary just started dancing around and praising the Lord.

  A few months later I noticed that that very nice, otherwise petite lady of mine’s tummy was growing quite rapidly. So I tried to tell her to lay off the bread, but she just smiled and patted me on the muzzle!

A few weeks later she was still getting rounder! It was by news of the pigeons who live at old lady Elizabeth’s home (Elizabeth was Mary’s 2nd cousin) that I learned Mary was actually pregnant! Hmm, so it wasn’t the bread… Anyway, those pigeons sure like to spread news and gossip.

  I forgot to mention around this time Mary was to be married to Joseph, a very kindred spirit. He understood Mary was pregnant, but also knew that Mary’s baby was actually the son of God… and so he agreed to marry Mary.

  Joseph came with news that the emperor had ordered a census. He said that meant we’d have to go to his hometown, Bethlehem, to register together.

  Now this journey meant a week of trotting. So they loaded up bags of food and clothing on me! Me! Why, me at my old age, why couldn’t young spritely Joseph carry them? Anyway, I didn’t complain, much… But then, ohhhh, then Mary jumped up on my poor old back and nearly turned me into unleavened bread! Ugh! Where is the sympathy?! I nearly bucked her off but decided to only bray because she was usually so nice, and she had fed me some pretty good oats that morning.

  On we traveled till we finally reached Bethlehem… And it was so busy! Ugh, I could barely walk one more step!

There were merchants yelling and chasing thieves, poor people begging for alms, bread and wine, and many merchants trying to get you to buy more, more, more!

     After a long day, we went door to door to find a place to stay for the night, but nobody had room. It was getting dark, cold and poor Mary was so worried her baby would be born any minute! Finally when all hope was lost they came to the last inn, and at first, the innkeeper tried to turn us away but when he saw Mary he had sympathy. He said there is no room in the inn but he took us to the stable.

When we got there I couldn’t believe that they had wanted a room at the inn instead… It may have been a bit chilly and uncomfortable for Mary, but for me, the stable was heaven! Nice soft hay to roll around in, so what better place to have a baby? After a few minutes, Mary started to shout “Joseph! The baby’s coming!” Then not too long later an adorable baby boy was born. And it was then that I saw a huge star right over the stable, big as a kite!

  And then wow, a choir of angels appeared! They sang like, well, angels! And they were as bright as stars! Mary soon announced that God said the baby’s name was to be Jesus.

  Then you won’t believe what Mary and Joseph did… They put the baby in MY feeding trough!!! What were they thinking? I lowered my head to take a closer look at their cute little bundle of joy and baby Jesus patted my muzzle and giggled. What a delight! It was then and there I decided that for Jesus I’d happily give up 1 million hay troughs any day!

By Jazzi-Joy Cooley

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