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We Support Missions

Our greatest passion and burden is to help people make it to heaven–here in Hampton Roads but especially in other nations where they have never heard the Gospel or met a real, fervent Christian.  We spend at least 18% of our total church giving to help people overseas make it to heaven in every way we can.


Want to help Abundant life and support overseas mission?

Help us in making Jesus famous and getting people to heave. You can send your gift to Abundant Life Fellowship and help overseas missions by clicking the button to the right.

Missions we support

Joel and Laci Hill

Joel and Laci, and their son, Anchor, travel across Asia—especially to hard to reach parts of the world— to love people really well like Jesus did and help them make it to heaven.

They bring revival everywhere they go! Miracles follow them and many people get healed and become lovers of God. Please visit their website at www.thegladworld.com to read some beautiful testimonies of what God is doing in and through their lives.