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A Family of Leaders

Abundant Life Fellowship is an atmosphere of believers from many different walks in life. Although different, we share a common goal in the Lord. This is not a church with a hierarchy. We have an anointed Pastor that guides us, and a fellowship of  mature believers that strive for the equipping of the saints.


“I want 10,000 people to come to the church, and 10,000 people to leave the church. -Pastor Bob Fox

Church Atmosphere

Usually our meetings go something like this, but we love mixing things up from time to time.

  • About a half hour of worship.
  • Small group prayer and prayer for people group (Muslims, homeless, nations, etc).
  • Testimonies, updates, announcements.
  • Message.
  • One on one prayer, prophecy, or healing if needed.
We are a church that prays. We pray together every service, we pray for people groups every week, and when a loved one is in need we pray and fast with that person and provide emotional support.
We accept the duty Jesus has given us when it comes to healing, prophesying, casting out demons, tongues, and all other gifts of the Spirit. We invite the supernatural presence of God and want to train all who are hungry to operate in the Spirit of the Lord.
We have members that can help anyone through any struggle. If not, we are connected to someone that can. We witness God heal people from depression, lies, fear, same-sex attractions and immoralities, trouble from childhood, and more. Please contact us if you need inner healing. Your privacy is safe with us.
Pastor Bob will be the first to admit he does not know it all. He often asks members of the Church to share, bring the message, and tell their testimonies to the congregation. Every member of the Body of Christ is important.

About the Pastor

Bob Fox

God made me a pastor. It’s my strongest gift. He gives me His love for people–especially hurting, lost, wounded people–and especially people overseas who have yet to meet Him.  I am a pastor with a missionary heart. My greatest burden all my life has been for people who may not make it to heaven.  That’s why I am committed to serving the Church and people of China, in particular.

My childhood was traumatic. Meeting God as my Heavenly Father at age 8 saved me from self-destructing into angry, lustful, alcoholic man.  I know what it feels like to feel abandoned, rejected, hopeless, helpless and worthless.

I love adventure. God allowed me to fly jet planes for the Marines during the Vietnam War, to travel the world and to be a pastor. I look forward to the greatest adventures of my life with Jesus yet to come.

Come join us!

If you want to join a body of believers to learn, train others, and just have a good time, then please come as you are and let’s get to know each other!